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what is this place

RES! HI! *tackles you* —  1 million cats
it's never ending. holy cow. —  1 million cats
aaaa yeaaaahhh it's great and the zoom too omg —  Hira
Yeah! Take the E key and zoom by panning your mouse and the W key to move around the canvas —  Hira
Hello, Res, it's Kuru :D —  flora-remora
Hello, Res, it's Kuru :D —  flora-remora
yeah raidens hair is fun to draw but its hella hard to get flowing right —  Vergil
Thank you, Res! ///O/// —  suarung
reeeeesssssss<3 —  gearstrop
Thank you :) My code is 4811-7509-7620 —  flora-remora
ayyeeeeee my nagger —  Chuli
uwu you sweet thing you —  gearstrop
The drawings aren't gone, but in another tab, up top. The profiles have been readjusted :) —  flora-remora
It's alright, Res. Continue on with your studying and drawing. They are both quite important :D —  flora-remora
blaaaaaaah ! —  Riff
yeah i know you like yaoi animu kissuuuuu :3 —  Riff
You're welcome :) —  Mouldy Sponge
for what o.o —  LiizPsychoticDayD...
RES!!! :'D —  Riff
Hi your drawings remind me some great drawings in sketchfu... maybe yours? —  Effé
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