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hello, i usually only have some time for sketches

you cutiebubu you're not a smooshed potato you're a SMOOCHED POTATO COME HERE <3 anyway i'm so happy to see you here aaaaa!!! I'm glad you like it here! —  Hira
Nawwwhh that's adorableee KYAH i'm so happy to have you here with me omg —  Hira
kekekeke //wraps you up and gives you tea/ You should draw a lot so I should up vote every drawing you make eve —  Hira
well that can certainly be taken many a way. ;D //BRICK'D —  Hira
:o . . . //stays quiet and gently pets the sleepy ishu's head/ —  Hira
skfdkjg WHAT, HOW DID YOU FIND ME SO FAST;;;;; -reaches over to pet my favourite Rakan u pu <3 —  Leek
wahh Rakan ;// ___//; I-i really like that too.... -blushh- -changes name quickly- And i suppose its better anyway since most know me as leek ^ p^!! (indulges you wwww)<3 —  Leek
hi shmoops no U r you meme —  zelo
you are wereing yor's too mr.coconut —  zelo
!! thank you!! ;v; weh i really love your coloringg —  michiru
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"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
Carl Sagan
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