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Hello! My name is Julia, but you can call me Kuru or by any derivation of my username. I absolutely love Pokémon, so a majority of my drawings are most likely going to be Pokémon-related. My username is based off of a Pokémon, too (Remoraid).

I mostly draw people, anthropomorphic animals, feral animals, and Pokémon. I love playing with light and shadow, especially regarding skin tones and faces. Hair, hands, and feet are not my thing, haha, but I'll practice and work on those areas and all other areas. I strive to improve as an artist, as I feel like I have some potential to be great if I set my mind to it.

No problem, it's an honor to have John from State Farm here! :D —  magicalhobo
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you may :> —  RES
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"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
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