Jacques -- Test Run

Jacques -- Test Run

Drawn by flora-remora.


I was frustrated with Sketchport's foreign canvas controls, so I had not posted any experiment until now. I think I can get used to Sketchport! I'm happy to be here. I drew this while I was supposed to do homework, however... I hope it was worth it... I spent way too much time on this and it could still use some touching up. The shirt and hair were way rushed in the end (as well as that background); I focused more on the face. Skin tone and facial contouring, etc. are so much fun to invest time in, am I right? The drawing is of my current main OC Jacques.

© 2014 flora-remora. Licensed under CC-BY.

Pokemon OC Original Character Testrun

http://www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=Cn_EWXxGHao I was jamming out to PMD 2 throughout. Great soundtrack —  flora-remora
ahh i love how you toned the skin!! and for a first time this is very good!! —  michiru
This is very nice! im glad to got used tos ketchport :) welcome... and dont worry I also use my homework time to draw haha :p —  Ana
frustration does you good. Hope yu get the grip of the controls and see what you come out with! :) —  Zakeena
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