The Friendly Octopus

The Friendly Octopus

Drawn by Lunar Eclipse for the Sea Creatures challenge.


Yay, it's the friendly octopus!

Edit: Some people found this a bit creepy. It is not. Please look at it with the eyes of an innocent child. The friendly octopus is just gently lifting her. Maybe she was swimming or sinking. The friendly octopus is friendly yet a different creature and easily misunderstood.

© 2014 Lunar Eclipse. Licensed under CC-BY.

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:D awesome —  Ana
haha! cuuuuuuuuuuute <3 And it's purple ! :D —  Zakeena
Haha. He's just being friendly. —  Jini
I'd totally hang this in my room! xD ...But my dad probably wouldn't approve. —  Zweby
Thank you :) @Zweby Aw, different people see different things —  Lunar Eclipse
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