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Hallo lil bbus

Let's all get along shall we? nnnn we don have to but you know hhh

ok! c: how far have you gotten into it? —  Wall
I've finished with Battle Royale, so I should get to those replies ASAP. Do you want to do a time skip with Lou and Gratzie? Like, have her rest in her dorm for a week or so and recover and then show up at school again? —  flora-remora
@flora-remora yeah sure c: —  Wall
im stalking ur profile —  Mocha
By the way, in addition to the late responses, I want to draw your characters as an apology :c —  flora-remora
i made a backup account —  Mocha
Wow, I actually got something down for Adonay and Harrison. I had a sudden burst of inspiration. I will try to get Kitty and Foxy's done soon, especially since I have Easter break coming up. —  flora-remora
Yeee! Missed you, Paige! You know what? I am in such the mood right now so instead of studying, I'm going to write a response to kitty and foxy! —  flora-remora
I have free periods and my test tomorrow is on a simple subject, I believe. I'll be fine. If it was an important subject, that would be different. —  flora-remora
yer welcome hon —  michiru
can you respond to me —  Mocha
Woot! Got something for our other one, too! I missed roleplaying these characters. haha. Oh, by the way, I'm planning on changing Harrison's design to that of an albino Chinese dragon, so I figure he would have a combination of both fur and scales. —  flora-remora
Yes, I really like Chinese dragons, anyways, so it made sense to associate Harrison with a specific kind of dragon, if that makes any sense. Hmm, I wonder how he even exists in this universe? Dragons aren't real :P —  flora-remora
i still stalk ur page —  Mocha
becauseialwayschecktoseeifudrewsomething —  Mocha
btwushouldcheckfacebookformessages —  Mocha
hey why did you unfriend me on facebook??? —  Mocha
Come back and make more colorful glowy drawings, please. Thanks. —  magicalhobo
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