maybe just one more

maybe just one more

Drawn by Silenhalle using SketchPort for Android.


I started drawing while I was pooping and decided to go somewhere with what I had :3

Also sorta kinda inspired by the pyp volume 1 album cover

© 2014 Silenhalle. Licensed under CC-BY.

BURbs Again Pyp

your poop is art. —  Riff
i mean, this landscape is wonderful. —  Riff
Here ! a like from me for your awesome drawing! HOPPA! —  -----
J'adore! Quelle imagination, sensibilité et talent. dans l’utilisation des outils, le travail des couleurs, la décantation du paysage . <3 —  Effé
I just saw this one again looking though my favorites. This is great, Ag. I want moar!! lol —  uneekL4evr
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Carl Sagan
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