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im 18 i like to draw and play sports and video games (CoD id Life) #GO_Packers. oh and hi

Hi Tristian —  Schurke Corgi
You changed your name too! I didn't know it was you when I replied to your comment on my drawing, but i found out :p —  آدم
hehe sneaky sneaky :'D —  Schurke Corgi
Stop changing your name :no: XP —  آدم
Thank you for all the upvotes :) —  Mouldy Sponge
@Mouldy Sponge welcome :D —  Schurke Corgi
Thanks for all the likes! ^^ —  -
Thanks for all the likes! Hope you are well everyday and enjoy drawing on here. —  Ichiban Yada
@Nina, @Ichiban Yada you guys are welcome. :D —  Schurke Corgi
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