Одуванчики дарують світло у найтемнішу місці

Одуванчики дарують світло у найтемнішу місці

Drawn by Vomika.


More Ukrainian version of this name : Кульбаби дарують світло у найтемнішу місці

Translate : Dandelion give light in the darkest place


Drawn from 14-05-02 to 14-05-06


My friends (Those ppl i know and use to speak to them) Thanks them all !

Ana (GEORGIA) Janine (PHILIPPINES) Nina (NETHERLANDS / HOLLAND) Voivodian (AUSTRALIA) Shelly (USA) OfC (Wonderland :) Lorica (Wonderland :) Buttercup (INDIA) and Jin4Ever (JAPAN / Japon)


i decided make Dandelion like light for those two flowers, hmm Ana if you good look one flower has Red color its Georgia and another one has Yellow color its Ukraine. We brothers countries so was so and will be!


Also i repeat what i said You today i wish to Georgia come in finale of Eurovision. I hope you will nice spend this time at home !


Also need fix something , i want to say that if Ana could have big normal laptop or even with middle screen not that small netbook which she already long time use ... she could draw more nice pictures ! But she Georgian and she very strong and nice girl she keep draw even and on slow netbook and without mouse , only use tachpad. I think its very hard and to word Sketchport drawing for her often stopping , flash falling down , she anytime not showed me that she very angry always hiding her nervous and emoutions and showing me smiles. This human whom i can call as very nice person and Good Friend ! THANK YOU ANA from Georgia !

© 2014 Vomika. All rights reserved.

Flower Dandelion Nature Квітка Одуванчик Природа

Your drawings was nice —  Papachan
What the heck. The realism artists on this site may be insanely good but you just blow my mind away!!! —  Voivodian
@Budgie you did it too im *under table* from such comment smiles alot )) —  Vomika
Vomika, you are god! —  Voivodian
@Voivodian if im God i wish to loudly on all world say this UKRAINE AND AUSTRALIA Vomika and Voivodian FRIENDSSSSSS ! —  Vomika
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