Attack of the killer Tomatoe

Attack of the killer Tomatoe

Drawn by Zakeena for the Little Fruits So Big challenge. Part of the album Challenges.


Who're you gonna call? Tomatoe busters! :3 Fot that big fruit challenge I couldn't submit to it . too far away. <<

© 2014 Zakeena. Licensed under CC-BY.

Tomatoe Yum yum GRAH

I set the challenge for you. :) —  magicalhobo
Aaaaaaaaaawww !!! Thanks @magicalhobo ♥ (&@xLitchi :p ) —  Zakeena
Awesome, isn't there a movie called this? —  Luna Sea
@Luna Sea ABSOLUTELYYYYYY !!! :D —  Zakeena
:D Yess I am sure I saw this when I was a kid! —  Luna Sea
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