Rode to Sumwere

Rode to Sumwere

Drawn by Radley Smash and inspired by Spodermen. Part of the album Dunderson.


Hrey gyz am bak. Sry I hav bean away fur so long. Her is an brand new picshur 4 u 2 enjoi. Iggy Pop and Chino Moreno (Deftones) hitch a ride bak 2 californya from Woodstock festivul 1997

© 2015 Radley Smash. Licensed under CC-BY.

Iggy Pop Chino Moreno Deftones Music Celebrity

lol, once i met Iggy Pop backstage after a concert in France. as i've read somewhere that he used to make hitch-hicking because he couldn't drive, i asked him... "do you have your driving license now?" he replied "yes". it was near 1998 XD —  Riff
wtb more comics on Sketchport. —  Gibbermagash
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