medulla ossea

medulla ossea

Drawn by Stupiee. Part of the album Anatomy sketch .


You guys might wonder, what ? why red ? Well , so i drew a skeleton painted in red , orange and yellow . The colours shows the colour of the bone marrow in our bones.Bone marrow contains two types of stem cells: hemopoietic (which can produce blood cells) and stromal (which can produce fat, cartilage and bone). There are two types of bone marrow: red marrow (also known as myeloid tissue) and yellow marrow. When young , our bone marrows are all RED , yet as we get older (at about age 7) our red bone marrow well slowly convert into the yellow ones. ( filled by connective tissue) . (however, yellow marrows can be converted back to the red ones in order to produce blood cells.)

Red marrow is found mainly in the flat bones such as hip bone, breast bone, skull or ribs. oh and FYI , only red marrows can produce blood cells.

i guess this is sorta like a thinking corner ? :) hope you guys like it :D! Celine.

© 2014 Stupiee. Licensed under CC-BY.

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*slurps* Yum, marrow! :3 —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
Thank you for the science lesson, sensei! —  magicalhobo
@Agent-Bunny Boy haha indeed it is ! @magicalhobo haha no probs ,just sharing some of my lessons as well as reviewing it haha —  Stupiee
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