Sketchport Comix: Episode 11 SixstringFVR

Sketchport Comix: Episode 11 SixstringFVR

Drawn by Papachan. Part of the album Sketchport Comix Season 1.


Litchi's Mortal Enemy

© 2014 Papachan. Licensed under CC-BY.

Sketchport Comix Litchi SixstringFVR Batman

Is that a cat? —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
@Agent-Bunny Boy I think it's Mr. Six xD —  xLitchi
Hey Papa.... At the end of these, you should consider putting a "Story Detour" "What Should Happen Next?" with like 3 different possibilities and give us a Strawpoll link so that we can vote. :) —  Zippy the Wonderslug
"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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