She cry....

She cry....

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She cri,She sad, but most importantly......... She wanna.... D i e- (This is what I decided to make with that thing from my last drawing- NO! Not that other one that says I don't know what to draw... I mean the actual drawing that I said I wanted to use that joke thing, if you don't know the joke I was gonna use on the actual other drawing the I made on it... Here it is! : He touch her/him, He attacc random dude, and most importantly...He protecc that girl/boy... So yeah..... That's what that was supposed to be based on... Don't come saying: "It's Attack, not attacc, It;s cry, not cri, It's protect, not protecc" DON'T SAY IT!!! The only reason why it's "Attacc" "Protecc" and "Cri" is because I like memes and those for some odd reason makes me think that they are memes of some sort and that's not even the full reason why I say "Protecc" "Attacc" and "Cri." That is just a fracture of why.... Just don't put comment's that seem similar to that... Just don't.....

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