Friendship is magiiiic

Friendship is magiiiic

Drawn by Zakeena and inspired by Undead Art .


Inpired by Undead Ed ! Great undead toys ! ^_^

© 2014 Zakeena. Licensed under CC-BY.

Undead Bunny Dead Pony

The creepypastazzzzzzzzzzzzz ;_; —  MUMON
I'm so glad that you're not in therapy. <3 —  Zippy the Wonderslug
@Onepunch Man creepy ize gooooooood! :3 —  Zakeena
@Zippy the Wonderslug , suuuure... but.. .how do know I'm not? D: —  Zakeena
@Zakeena yes, yes it is —  MUMON
"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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