The Real "Greenpeace"

The Real "Greenpeace"

Drawn by Joe HF.


Sorry for getting overtly political, but I've been seeing Vomika's Greenpeace themed advertising, and wanted to make a response.

Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly support both the ideals of being Green, and being anti-war.

However, specifically relating to the organisation "Greenpeace", I find their methods to be somewhat hypocritical, and several of their views seem based on nothing but pseudoscience and nonsense.

Vandalism and violence are not the ways to support noble ideals of peacefulness and environmental awareness.

© 2013 Joe HF. Licensed under CC-BY.

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In my opinion, to answer your '' What happened to this'', I think most of the time when people go to the extreme (Religions, associations, society...) It ends up like this : Being violent, vandalism, using bad words, The main subject is in some way ''diverted''. —  xLitchi
@zakeena he rarely talks to other people, that's why I'm surprised! he talks with his drawing now xD @xLitchi @Joe HF in short something that's too much is bad bad :x —  Aya Mulder
@Aya Mulder Yes, we should not abuse the good things ( translated that from French to English sorry xD ) —  xLitchi
Greenpeace was founded in an age when environmentalism was an abnormality and had to be fought for. Nowadays people are actually willing to be environmentally conscious and live "greener" so Greenpeace is at a loss. They need to shift their methods away from confrontation ("Us and Them" mentality) and start trying to find unity and consensus with opponents and issues, respectively. —  Hababoon
@Joe HF As more ppl will adding to actions Greens so more fast will give results peaceful protests , its hardly to ignore meaning of Milions ppl , but when teens drinking smoking not like sport prefer it for playing in stupd video games in which they killing in diffrents ways anybody or drawing dark things evils or demons zombies how then they can care about smting around too ??? so i do right job when i showing my active position agnaist (drinking smoking) And i respect your opinion. —  Vomika
"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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