Drawn by Stupiee and inspired by Space. Part of the album Universe.


I love space.

I know ... I over exaggerated my country ... :P

© 2013 Stupiee. Licensed under CC-BY.
Nice style, it looks like a bit like drawn with crayon pens :) —  Lunar Eclipse
Awesome! Did you watch the movie Gravity? —  Kassy
Thanks ! @Lunar Eclipse I tend to do it that way :) and @Kassy yes I did ! This painting was inspired by that actually :)! —  Stupiee
You to have a blur obsession! :P —  ch1ris23
@ch1ris23 I can't argue with that lol ! —  Stupiee
"You can't give up hope just because it is hopeless! You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears, and go: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!""
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