The Legend of Zelda

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LoZ wallpaper background

~This is where you can draw art from the video game and manga of the Legend of Zelda or other things having to do with Zelda~ (OCs are allowed!)

Good inspiration! In fact so good, there is already one for Zelda. I'm going to delete this one so the drawings aren't split between them. —  magicalhobo

Link Zelda Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

It looks a lot like Skyward sword Link in the toon Link style, But it's supposed to be Twilight ...

Aurelia Legend of Zelda Zelda Link Fairy

This is my precious Zelda OC, Aurelia ♀ hehe. (Mainly focused in the Ocarina of Time and Majora's ...

Midna Twilight Princess

This was requested anonymous by a person from Ask.Fm on my art account (most likely my sister) So ...

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