"Well hello Link" <3

"Well hello Link" <3

Drawn by tord and inspired by The Legend of Zelda.


This is my precious Zelda OC, Aurelia ♀ hehe. (Mainly focused in the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask era)

She is 12 years old and is a Kokiri child uvu I have a whole fan-story I'm working on with her in it c:

Yes b4 you ask she does like Link. I mean think about it, who wouldn't?

But anyways yea that yellow thing beside her is Aurelia's fairy, Nuki ♀ (My goodness horrible name just deal with it ok ty) Oh yes btw she is the person in my icon. yea that's p much it I hope u enjoy

© 2014 tord. Licensed under CC-BY.

Aurelia Legend of Zelda Zelda Link Fairy

I always thought Kokiri was too small, so I'm glad you added a character. :) —  magicalhobo
@magicalhobo Same here! That's the main reason I made her a Kokiri nwn —  tord
I love it :) you just made my day TY —  Google User
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