Creature is often used as a synonym for animal. Creature or creatures may also refer to:

Уасееи Nah Creature Makeover

I thought it needed a little makeover. J'espère que ça te plaît Уасееи.

Sea Creatures Challenge Octopus

Somewhere under the sea ♪ yeah, now I have it in mind too. thanx :D

Collab Collaboration Team Disco Creatures Crazy

A collab with ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Shelly, magicalhobo, Mtsa, uneekL4evr and someone else?

Creature Unknown Long Time No Drawing Plop

Give me back my cable ! I didn't miss drawing with the mouse lol.. Thanks Kuku for the Title ♥

Faun Creature Magical Lonely

Real people don't see him and animals think he's evil because of his horns. Things are never what ...

Coretta Creature Coral Pink Orange Cute Sweet Challenge

This is Coretta! She comes from a planet that is far far away from Earth... She loves coming on our ...

B&W Landscape Nature Monsters Woods Creatures Night Campfire

Gather 'round t' fire pit 'n gaze int' t' flames. List'n t' emb'rs pop and watch t' blaze a-change. ...

Perspective Grid Plop Creatures Galaxy Happy

Welcome to my world :3 ( No more Cookie Monster but Lychee Monster :p ) THANKS to Agent Neverland ...

Sea Eel Hug Creatures Challenge

Apparently this looks like a 5 years old's drawing... lol. Anyway had fun doing it for the ...

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