A doodle is a drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Typical examples of doodling are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class. Other common examples of doodling are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.

Popular kinds of doodles include cartoon versions of teachers or companions in a school, famous TV or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, geometric shapes, patterns and textures.


Neko Atsume Doodle

punches artblock anyways, here's my contribution to my brand new obsession.

Clouds Sky Island Doodle

just a quick landscape drawing in the last minutes overtime work xD it's been awhile not drawing...

Doodle Anime Im back Egg

i left for a bit sorry lol, but im back to school and sad because of it!! i deleted my older...

Doodle Blue Nameless

I am not exactly sure who he is. Give him a name if you so desire! :D

Doodle Simple colors First draw

Hello :) this is just a doodle for my first drawing I'm still getting used to the controls on...

Kid Cat Doodle

He can't draw too well, but he does anyway.

Sketch Doodle OC

The child he is holding is his adopted son, Milo. I would totally draw Milo in full, but I tried...

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