Purple is defined as a deep, rich shade between crimson and violet, or, more broadly, as a range of hues of color between blue and red, or as a dark color that is a blend of red and blue. According to surveys In Europe and the U.S., purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety. When combined with pink, it is associated with eroticism, femininity and seduction.

Purple was the color worn by Roman magistrates; it became the imperial color worn by the rulers of the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. Similarly in Japan, the color is traditionally associated with the Emperor and aristocracy.

Purple and violet are similar, though purple is closer to red. In optics, there is an important difference; purple is a composite color made by combining red and blue, while violet is a spectral color, with its own wavelength on the visible spectrum of light.


Woman Orange Purple

Just here killin' time lol. Another 10 mins draw...if that much lol. Enjoy :3


man if was a girl I'd have shit fashion tastes

Dress Clothing Purple

Guess I'm in a dress up kinda mood lol. And yeah, I know the phrase is "Pretty in Pink", but I ...

Purple Landscape Forest

Hey Midnight Stories! I finally drew that photo of yours! I changed a few things due to laziness ...

Purple Fox Wolf Fluffy Fur Cute

A drawing converted from Sketchfu where I am known as ChewSlayor. Thank you Hobo for making this ...

Purple Animation

Watch the video :) I got the idea from sweetrox's draw my life animation. See it here Enjoy :3

Color Blue Purple Light Magenta Underwater Flower Sea

Crev told me to draw a underwater landscape so I gave it a shot. Enjoy pplz

Purple Blue

you wont land in the water if you jump off that bridge [EDIT] it may only seem so from this angle

Purple Afro

I promised myself I wasn't going to do another landscape and this is what I came up with lol. Enjoy ...


I'm still figuring out how to color digitally but I'm getting there don't worry

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