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My version of sister's cups of love. I don't think I did well on the cup.

Attempted to draw a Panda based on memory Here is the result.

This is how i feel most of the time.

I would like some right about now...

I finally drew something I'm satisfied with... Now all I need to do is make the shape, ears, and ...

Sketch based on a manga I'm reading. =w=

I never liked this symbol showing up on my computer. -.-

It went from a Sketch with a Preference To this. I'd like to know how to draw the ocean/water. >.<

Yay blur~ =w= Now all we need to do is add the blur to the tablet app~ =w=

What if Azzah had a twin brother~ >w<

Saw lunar's Hourglass picture and because of my imagination I noticed a butterfly in the middle of ...

Seeing the Otaku artist's style made me wanna try it out. Third time drawing this since the last 2 ...

Just a gift I wanna give to someone I know.


It went from a drawing of a flower. To this.

Just another tablet drawing.

...can Primmy and Primmie try to help Azzah feel better...?

There a more sophisticated drawing! Day 2 Kitty! Me love kitties ^.^

Hey anyone remember that 30 day challenge? Yeah. I gonna do that! Day 1. The easiest day ever~ =w=

just an edit from that other tablet test...

Is this what you were expecting, Krissie?

just a test with the tablet I barely use...

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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