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Drawing is my escape, my soul, my passion. With just a small tool, I can capture the beauty of the outside world, the place where I thrive.

I slink through the forest, watching everything with my big green eyes. My muscles ripple under my striped pelt. I am never caught off guard. I am always waiting, watching, stalking. I am as fast as the rushing river, as stealthy as the dark shadows. My pawsteps are silent as I pad down a fairly steep bank to a small stream. I dip my head and drink, never taking my eyes off of my surroundings. The cold water tickles and soothes my burning throat and a breeze gently ruffles my fur. I hear a snarling from behind me. I whip around to face a fully grown male tiger. He stands still, his hackles raised. I ferociously snarl back and my muscles tense up, waiting for him to make a move. We both unsheath our claws. He swats a massive paw at my face, but I duck and dart forward, sinking my sharp teeth into his right front leg. He roars in rage and bites my ear in an attempt to yank it off. I snarl and twist my head, hooking my teeth into his jaw. His eyes open wide in surprise as I leap up and pin him down to the ground, never letting go of his jaw. He struggles to get up, but I hold tight. I taste the metallic tang of blood. He rakes my underbelly with his back paws. I feel a searing of pain and dig my claws into his shoulders. Now blood was flowing into my mouth. He went limp and looked away from me submissively. I loosened my grip and stood before him, snarling. He got to his paws and slunk away, his tail lowered. I watch him disappear into the thick forest. Then I shake the blood off my pelt and pad off in the other direction, away from the stream. I walk for a few minutes, then arrive at a steep cliff with very few trees. I sit on the edge of the cliff, not daring to look down into the vast empty chasm. Instead, I gaze up at the night sky. The stars twinkle and shimmer like fireflies. As I look up, I feel something in my body changing. I can hear my ancentors snarling as they fight, smell the fear-scent of their prey, see them slink through the shadows. At that moment I know: We are one.

wow :D its an amazing story of one of the scenes of ur life <3 —  ~moneywithptc~
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"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
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