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I just found this place because I kinda missed sketchfu if you know what that was. Anywho, on to who I am: My name is Emily. I am an artist and an animator... sort of. I animate on my DSI with Sudomemo. Maybe you know me? Maybe you don't even know what Sudomemo is. Whatever. I'm 13, born on July 5th. And I am the gay. Totally gay baby. Places you can find me: Twitter: @ghoulanimations Facebook: Ghoul isGhoulish DeviantART: Malakais-Dead Tumblr: dingus-dang

hi welcome to sketchport :) —  Brotato
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"I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world."
Richard Feynman
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