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Gibbies rip offs

skulls. skulls everywhere.

birthday sketches

because it's always someone's birthday somewhere.

The Bruh Guild

Them badass rule in Ysckemia.

Silly puns

playing with words is fun.


the ol' pagan god.


characters from my story blog.

Sketch Trek

zoomed portraits of crew members.

Spongey, Mouldey

our behatred sponge.

Litch EE


Candida, Ecoli, Listeria & Salmonella

strips for the 23h comics strip contest. see final result here : http://www.23hbd.com/?pg=participation&pt=327&an=2014

"I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world."
Richard Feynman
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