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Haven't drawn anything on this site for a long time so I thought I should do a little quick doodle ...

Gonna redo it and submit or share in the description later. ;u; <3 didn't like how this one was ...

Really really lazy with coloring...but the concept is a female letting her emotions go. Dun dun ...

lol no imagination at all what so eva. xD

heyyy guys! Haven't been online in a while. xD Did a little something something for uneek. (: <3

Just a quick sketch..haven't been here in a while. xD Hi everyone! <3

Another thing for uneek to color in. lol

I guess it's a wolf or cat of somesort? Not sure. lol Forgot I had this in my drafts. xD

I think I might name this one ...Lucas. xD

Took me a bit more than an hour, and I didn't finish it but I couldn't take it anymore. LOL

xD I don't know exactly what hairstyle to give her....I guess I could've posted this as a challenge ...

now with minecraft themed background xD

lol using this for a youtube channel....lol xD I can't make it private but I want to save it so. ...

Not exactly just changing the clothes/hair...kind of got carried away with the face and even ...

Continued Uneek's picture with a failed attempt of her style with a smaller reindeer. xD

when one doesn't want to color again. xD

Was setting an example for the challenge....looking at it though..xD my right hand is jacked up. ...

Continuing Chris' challenge...didn't exactly dress up the snow man but...added something to it. xD!

XD Just a quick sketch of Kakashi from Naruto with glasses. =D

Want to add one color to it, any ideas? Other than purple (;

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