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I wasn't sure where this was going but I kind of like where it ended.

LAST ONE! The final drawing in my Sketchfu>SketchPort conversion. Thank you so much Hobo! These ...

For a fifteen minute sketch, it looks pretty amazing on this site. Almost done converting. ;D

And they keep on coming. Hehehe.

Another one from Sketchfu. This one is of Malala!

Something originally drawn on Sketchfu, ported over here. Quick sketch but all the worth keeping I ...

Lucahjin Youtubers

ooooooooooo i didn't do her justice. You can tell where I kind of finished it really quickly there ...


Magikarps suck. Also I haven't drawn fish in a long time. I still have no idea what i'm doing.

Getting a little feel for this site. It'll certainly take some time getting used to these controls. ...

"There are all kinds of interesting questions that come from a knowledge of science, which only adds to the excitement and mystery and awe of a flower."
Richard Feynman
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