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Hello, the reason I came here was because I needed another drawing site for my ideas to flow~ ^_^ From my mind to yours~ XD

Also, here's a little about me: Haha~Yes, I did originally name my username after Avril Lavigne, this was my old username for SketchFu. Avril being Avril Lavigne and the angel part was because I love angels XD. I like to play a variety of games, GaiaOnline, Mabinogi, Aura Kingdom,Ect. I have a deviantart as well. XD OLD work on there... Um, I love anime and manga if you couldn't already tell, Video games are a must and I love to just listen to music and have the whole world shut out for a time, I also love to take walks and just live in the moment. Mabinogi: Kitamii on Server Alexina Aura Kingdom: Kitamii on server ??? (I forgot...DX I'll look it up and edit this soon~ XD) GaiaOnline: naminenekosama DeviantArt: Eclipse-Shadows Feel free to message me about anything, be it comments or just wanting to talk; I'll try to be on everyday, but having a part time job does take alot out of me ^_^

Hope you have a great day and I will talk to you later~

Keep dreaming loves,

AvrilAngel~ <3

Welcome ! ♥ —  xLitchi
welcooooooome :D nice to meet you :) —  Helen
You are welcome! And thank you for the votes up too ^^ Nice to meet you! —  Crevasse
Thanks for the comment and vote .w. Yes, I did come from Sketchfu! I actually had this same username on Sketchfu... what was your username on there? —  cutiesketchfu
Ooh, cool! :) I wish Sketchfu hadn't closed... maybe we could've donated to keep the site up a bit longer? —  cutiesketchfu
Ah Dx At least we still have Muzy, and this site. —  cutiesketchfu
It's another site the Sketchfu creators run- I heard it makes them money, so that's why they keep that one up. (Also if you want to see me draw I have a broadcast on http://www.sketchport.com/watch#broadcast=5950675745767424-1391199303582 ) —  cutiesketchfu
Come on game AvrilAngel http://www.sketchport.com/game#room=5003516103884800-1391368560724 we drawing random things —  Vomika
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