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on the last day there were skeletons resembling dead trees

Glad to see you here! ;v; <3 It'd be nice to see you bring your sf drawings here :o —  Hira
Yes, you just post it on the discussion. Look at my comment if you need reference. ;v; and to insert a link you need to click the icon that looks kind of like a globe. —  Hira
OH ALSO the number is your reputation. Having higher reputation gives you access to more features on the site. The ways you get it/lose it are: Drawing voted up +10 Challenge voted up +5 Inspiration voted up +5 Drawing voted down -2 Challenge voted down -1 Inspiration voted down -1 —  Hira
Eeee yeaaahhhh bbboooiiiiiii but omg im just happy you're here and stuff and yeah ;v; —  Hira
aahhh thank you!! —  michiru
kekekeke i'm sorry i get repetitive when i'm happy and I've just been really happy —  Hira
YOLOOOOO —  1 million cats
Yelloooo at least save them onto your comppppppp :c —  Hira
HELLO —  Hira
IM ALIIIIIIVEEEE. Haha its Summy x) —  Yahooze
I missed you —  User1401
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