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Mew i just wanted to convey my Last Msg to you , i was scared of Losing you the day when you leave me i was tensed doesnt even know what Am i doing i just ping few of yourfriends and Just wanted to ask if you are okie or smthing would have happened . its just wanted to notified ,i seriously dint text them much i knew it was wrong but i just wanted to know about your situation.i was weeken enough Am sorry i wasnt there when you need me . just be safe be healthy love you always cAt. im really sorry Am sorry i let you down in front of your friends thats the biggest mistake i have done , i dint wanted to do it was my mistake at my tense time . Am really sorry . i always love you love you forever

how are you mew? Cat miss you be safe . i'll come for you -9.18.2018

how are you cat , alteast post a msg , thats okie you wanted to get married you want happiness okie . its your independent life i shouldn't interrupt but at least post a msg seriously cat something hurting my heart soo badly ervyday i cry. i even wanted you to be soo happy be healthy and happy cat. 9.22.2018

how are you doing cat ,how's life be safe be healthy

cat you be happy with the one you love if you need any help please do let me know i know you never need of any but if any please be happy cat please be happy .you gave me hell lot of love its exploding thanks cat :) be happy .10.1.2018

how are you cute cat , hope you doing well am missing you cute cat be safe be healthy love you :) 10.6.2018

mew how are you ? missing you cat missing you soooo much cute care,be happy be healthy.

Hey cat how are you kitty meow . i miss you cat be happy cutieee cat..

Hi Cat. Am Alright ,Alive. Am Performing Lord Ayyappa Pooja for 41 days . Am need to be disappear for while . will catch up later cat takecare be happy. 11.9.18

how are you my goddess. kitty cat 11.20.2018

Hi Love , Hi Ery missing you soo much cat please come back -- 2/14/2019 i have sent an gift ,bit helpless i dont speakup your language and i tried calling customer care but they dont speakup English ,Hope it will recieved by 15th. miss you love

ywhtever you say i will agree cat wherever you wanna live will go . i just want you back in my life please cat am crying evryday. crying is the only thing that i know . Am making memories of you and this strange days us living apart . This is the love you gave to me cat . bit more suffering now but it be alright am making evry memories for ourselves . Come back cat

"I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world."
Richard Feynman
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