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Hai, it's animegrl123 from Sketchfu!! Wow... I used to go on this to draw like all the time, now that I look back at these drawings, I go "Wow you changed a lot!!" Anyways so a little bit about me: I'm a nerd. That's it!

OMG! I totally remember you from SF! :( I miss it so much! Nothing will ever compare, but it's really neat to find people from SF on here! You didn't know a sweetfall on sf by any chance did u? —  mamiemope
@mamiemope YAHOO!! and yeah i miss SF so much too. Sorry I don't know any sweetfall :( —  -HetaliaFan-
helooooo :) is your nam still animegirl123 on draw my thing? :D —  ~moneywithptc~
draw my thing? i dont have one.. maybe your mistakening for another animegirl123? @moneywithptc —  -HetaliaFan-
oooh I love EXO <3 —  tord
thx for folowing :D —  Brotato
@thebrotato np!! —  -HetaliaFan-
@-HetaliaFan- dude i drew enderdragon already (well in the big potato profile but i did that :) ) —  Brotato
@thebrotato ohhh i didnt know ill look at it :) —  -HetaliaFan-
Awww i say daww everytime i look at your pic 💛💜💚💙 —  ~moneywithptc~
@~Burcu~ lol —  -HetaliaFan-
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