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I joined this site at the promise of being introduced to people. It was one of many broken promises.

I decided to only rate people up and be encouraging.

And then another promise was broken and I was made fun of it for believing in someone and trusting him.

His happiness, and the happiness of his friends, could only be achieved at the expense of mine.

You've come to the right place! There should be more tools coming soon that help you learn to draw. —  magicalhobo
Agree with @magicalhobo ! Practice makes perfect ^^ Welcome :D —  Aya Mulder
Thanks for what you told me i guess im good and tenaka is my charater —  nightstar
Thank you! :) —  Mouldy Sponge
Thank you for your support! —  magicalhobo
ohhh noo why u deleted urs niceee draws : ( —  Vomika
why can;t i upvote yours —  Papachan
Sadly that you deleted yours draws they were very nice and about pandas and about that heart , sadly —  Vomika
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"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
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