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Where are you cat how are you meow am missing you so much it been a year and 2 please be back my little princess, please — 3 hours ago Meow how are you doing cat hope everything Okie and perfect on your side please be the happy new cat Come back please cat please come back Could you please try to message me over here am a bit blocked I cannot post either text you cat please come back things can be setup quickly am really sorry forgive me please cat I broken your heart please give me a chance, please hello, DR. Ery how are you doing ? i might be sending a gift on valentine day at your hospital place please dont deny. Why am crying soo much, are you feeling the same i don't know. No matter things going hard I just want you to be the happier cat you deserve happiness. Be happy am sorry for my actions im a jerk I lost you, my angel, be happy. I have been stupid, i tried to call at your workplace sadly people don't speak up in English @ D. . . . . . State Hospital. Meow I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive,I won't give up on us, I'm tough, I am in love with you. We got a lot to learn which is well worthy,'m giving you all my love I'm still looking up meow love you so much <3 I m going mad, please cat please contact me once's please please I beg you .. I won't be troubling you no more I just wanted to speak up with you once are for last time please cat please am begging I'm trying to order some flower's it will be shipped at your workplace, Am bit not sure where you really working either the new hospital or old One. Please collect from Desk office Please cat at least collect it, please. Happy valentine day mew Miss you soo much cat Accept the gift and throw but don't reject cat Please meow. Meow I was actually wanted to send you full of the rose deck but as it needed to deliver at the hospital I had only need to select few things from that site. I know you hate roses, as you hate me, that's Okie I love you sooo much my meow. The cat loves you. This is soo sad and disrespect // at least you would have accepted the gift. why cat why .. Am not well cat be happy to please be healthy Meow just a normal fever and bit body pain no worries as such be safe love you meow My dr.ery love you so much meow I have to do something for you in my whole life you are sooo cute my cute love you soo much by safe sleep well.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cutie today whole day I was madly thinking about you it was really hurt to my heart brain I was in the confusion that if I come and visit you will you absorb me hate me idk I always know that you love more than me My heart believe the same Love your cat Cat please come back. The pain inside heart increments Day by Day. Please cat Please don't punish me this way I love you So much, I knew You Love more ether way Please love come back. C Cute Cat, how are you meow, miss you cute cat, please be safe and healthy. ## Happy You Are As Sweet inside as Out(Yo Sure You Aren't Made of Sugar Candy :P Hope Your Day is a Sweet as you are Love you Kitty <3 ## Kitty, could you please call me on my number. i want to speak up to you lastly on the call please please call me to please cat Madam please could you please forgive me and show a kind respect, please call me once's please madam i beg you whatever I have done is wrong i hurt your feelings your trust please madam as a small respect towards man-kind please madam please please i beg you. please reach out me please, please aM SICK, nOT WELL. BE HAPPY CAT How are you Cat, Am oKey Just takecare of yourself . love you so much cutie cat . Meow <3 Meow Cat . how you doing cat , missing you soo much meow .might be i be mad oneday i dont know things are not going good with me . please cat i just wanted to speak to you one's . life is getting into more pain for me please cat let me speakup with you one time. Hi Cat , Meow i have exams bit busy on those , LOve Yo please takcr yourself
Hi! Where is ery yet? : ((( —  moneywithptc.
wait what happened to erythrocyte ;-; —  Google User
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