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Hello! :) Name's Yukitisioyo, but you can call me Yuki or Yukeh, since it's a lot easier. I got my name from a Japanese-English dictionary a while back, combining two Japanese words together to make one. ^^ I've been using this name ever since. I had used the name Cheez-Et a while back. Just a little background information on my name, haha.

I'm new to SketchPort, so I don't really know much. I'm a medium-paced learner, so it'll take a while to get used to things. I'm also an ex-SketchFU user, and on a few other websites.

I draw mainly canines and humans, but I'm trying to widen my variety with drawings, also trying different mediums and drawing styles. :D So yeah! Thanks for reading and viewing my profile! :3

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