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Funny name , welcome on sketcport and good luck to u in everything ! —  Vomika
and its seems picture about greece so i and said καλωσόρισμα welcome from greek lang —  Vomika
Helloooo :D —  ~moneywithptc~
its okay if you now buzy , then i hope we will play in game next time when u will have a time ! btw i very like ur avatar this cat , i have many pics with animals and this one is very awedome ! Have a nice day! —  Vomika
Hi :D @moneywithptc —  Marshy Marshmallow
I had to study, but I have time now. @Vomika —  Marshy Marshmallow
@Marshy Marshmallow ohh i see sorry from distrub you from your study , i wish to you all best in your study ! so you got a time ?? Coool that you have a time now hmm i just now playing in chess with Janine :) can you some wait or maybe you can watch us if you want —  Vomika
@Marshy Marshmallow —  Vomika
@Marshy Marshmallow Do u like chess ? hmm i like logical games if u also like we can one another day play together in chess :D —  Vomika
@Marshy Marshmallow Hiiiiiii come here we will play a game :D —  Vomika
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"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
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