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sketch port is not only a sketchport .. sketch pad ! sketch space canvas or whatever you would call it ,, it is inspirational field .. not only for your artistic visions, fantasies and emotions .. but for your own life goals too ... thats what I believe sketchport is ... and that is what a Great website should be !

@magicalhobo thank you so much :') —  Azzah B.A
woooowwww..... You have a lot of pictures.... —  Irus Chan
Congratz Azzazazaza! That draw of yours is one of my favorites. I am so glad you got featured in a magazine. You had it coming. Love your draws and love you <3 —  Jini
Yes, congrats on the magazine feature! So awesome! —  magicalhobo
I miss you Azzah! —  Papachan
@Kaho Chan XD —  Azzah B.A
Sorry for stalking mode :p But i just love your drawings ! —  xLitchi
@xLitchi No, Thank you. And I am very glad you liked them :) —  Azzah B.A
I hope you will draw again :3 ♥ —  xLitchi
I drawed your chibi <3 hope you like it. !! —  Marshy Marshmallow
glad you come back :D —  Papachan
Azzah! <3 Miss you and your drawings! —  Rebeccarawrr
Azzah!!! When are you coming back to make more amazing drawings? —  magicalhobo
Thanks you for commenting on my drawing. I miss you here! I wish you would bring your inspirations more often, but thank you for your visit. :) —  Mouldy Sponge
nwn Thank you for the likes :3 —  idk
I like your artworks ❤️❤️ —  Nikko
Ma Shaa Allah the gallery is insanely good a lot of the drawings r absolutely brilliant keep it up :) —  Abdullah Suleiman
Thank you Azzah for the upvotes! ❤️👍👍👍❤️ —  Nikko
azzah , did you become a pro after all? —  DrawingNooB
azzah , did you become a pro after all? —  DrawingNooB
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