Different creatures that live their lives in the seas of this world.

just wanted to get it out of my drive finally heheh. I left my tablet back home, so won't be ...

Shark Fish Underwater Sea Great white shark

Hello, I am back. Haha. Finally. Got a little impatient with this one towards the end. Will ...


I don't think my first test will ever post, so hhere's my second. :)

I started this a long time ago, and decided now would be an okay time to finish it. :)

Deep sea Sea creature Tentacles

I don't think I'll ever be completely happy with this guy, but I'm done with him for now. :3

Deep sea Bioluminescence Smile Sea creature

Angler Fish rarely looks happy when she smiles. I drew this in a little over an hour, pretty happy ...

Jellyfish Sea creature

Took about two hours, it really shouldn't have taken that long. :P it looked a lot better in my ...

Fish Deep sea Ocean Quick Sea creature

used my memory of a Hatchetfish picture on Google as a reference. :) Only took about 20 minutes.

Squid Tentacles Deep sea Bioluminescence

Just a quick drawing to try to get me back into drawing on SketchPort.

Octopus Tentacles Deep sea

I was planning on finishing this while I was in Tanzania, but my tablet broke. :'(

I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus's garden, in the shade :3

Mostly based on an old Inuit legend that parents used to tell their children to scare them off of ...

This is my first attempt at creating something with my tablet. I have recently become fascinated ...

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