My Unfinished Octopus

My Unfinished Octopus

Drawn by Rebeccajj. Part of the album Sea Creatures.


I was planning on finishing this while I was in Tanzania, but my tablet broke. :'(

© 2013 Rebeccajj. Licensed under CC-BY.

Octopus Tentacles Deep sea

This is awesome! :) —  nightstar
@Jini I ordered a new tablet today, so I'll be finishing it as soon as it arrives. :) Thank you! @Zippy the Wonderslug @nightstar Thank you! :) —  Rebeccajj
So awesome I see a drawing in a drawing!!! I love this pic!!!! —  Cami Brown
I t looks finished and amazing :D congratulations! I fovourited it ;D <3 —  ~moneywithptc~
Thanks @Cami Brown !! :) <3 and aw thank you, @moneywithptc :3 <3 —  Rebeccajj
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