Qallupilluk. :P

Qallupilluk. :P

Drawn by Rebeccajj. Part of the album Sea Creatures.


Mostly based on an old Inuit legend that parents used to tell their children to scare them off of going onto the sea ice alone. The story is pretty much that Qallupilluit would come out of the ice if a child was on the ice alone, and put them in the basket on their backs. :)

© 2012 Rebeccajj. Licensed under CC-BY.

Wow, this is awesome. Cool story, too. —  magicalhobo
Thank you! :) It's one of the less silly inuit stories, ahah. :P —  Rebeccajj
This is really nice, Rebecca. I enjoy looking through your drawings. This one makes me think of Princess Mononoke. I like myths and legends, they are very fun to read because of the pictures we see in our imaginations.:) —  Chris
@Chris Thanks a lot! :) Glad to hear you enjoy my drawings. Yes, myths and legends are very interesting, I've actually been meaning to draw a few more Inuit ones soon! —  Rebeccajj
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