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Ummm...I didn't do this to offend anyone so don't yell at me!

Supervillain Fictional character Gentleman Adventurer Mythical creature

In Louisiana, Balthazar Addams fell in love with a voodoo priestess (she had put a spell on him). ...

Yellow Text Product Line Font Product design Area Angle Diagram

Hey, Im "Lost" (my name is lost for some reason) Anyways I just wanted to tell you that your a good ...

he taught Wednesday how to braid her hair. and some shaman summoning stuff.

Face White Facial expression Black and white Mammal Nose Vertebrate Male Emotion

Cobra is afraid of caterpillars. this is a proof that he's a repressed bisexual. CQFD

Bone Skull Head Organ Human body

Gibbs, i warned you : do the burrito challenge or i'll keep stealing your art :3

"We long to be here for a purpose, even though, despite much self-deception, none is evident."
Carl Sagan
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