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I want to see pictures of what is considered your interpretation of the word "dream" is. It can vary from your actual real life "dreams" (as in your goals in life), to dreams that you have had in your sleep, or a dream to live in the anime world (I know that is one of my dreams :3 lol!), or draw something that gives you the feeling of what the word "dream" feels like. Basically I want to see how and what you guys interpret this word!

i tried my best well it wasnt too good :P but i like it

Collab Forest Joe HF Aya Shezzy Sunrise

I helped Aya with a few drawing issues she was having while drawing her "私は秋が好きです ^^". This version ...

I really hope I didn't steal this from somewhere. Even though I feel like this idea has been done a ...

Bamboo Rainbow

I should've posted it before I had my surgery. I left it unfinished because I gave up fixing the ...

Castle Palace Gold Sky Dream

Up there, there was a huge golden sand palace, you wouldn't get there unless you pass the golden ...

"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
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