Rainbow Bamboo

Rainbow Bamboo

Drawn by Aya Mulder for the "Dream" challenge. Part of the album Silly Drawing.


I should've posted it before I had my surgery. I left it unfinished because I gave up fixing the rings on the bamboo after 12h drawing it :/ I decided to submit it now cause brother and Joe told me to post it xD

© 2013 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY.

Bamboo Rainbow

Good you posted it —  Sonny Mulder
@Wen Thank u ^^ @Sonny Mulder Cause u keep asked me to do so >...> @Gibber magash Haha nice saying ^^ For me it's never finished, it's just i didn't post other version here xD —  Aya Mulder
gorgeous! :) —  JJ JJ
@JJ JJ Thank you ^^ —  Aya Mulder
Cool —  Lee Tjung
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