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Since I feel like I am the most muted person to ever grace sketchport I feel I am most qualified to offer some suggestions on how to make the process a bit smoother for everyone.

Letting people know when they have been muted would be nice. Just a short notification. Perhaps you could even include details such as why the person has been muted and how long for.

Setting up some more specific rules and guidelines for people to follow might also help people behave themselves a little better and also help them avoid getting their drawings removed or being muted for things they didn't know were unacceptable or inappropriate.

If anyone else would like to add some other suggestions or thoughts please feel free.




Hmm youre right mouldy and i may add the subject for When people will be just Mute on chat, When plus sending pms and When the last thing of account deleting.


I definitely think it would be good to get a more transparent policy to at least get an understanding of how long a muting or a banning would be and why it happened at least in a general sense. Perhaps even a report button? A warning message in red text would be nice if someone is going to far.


i 100% agree with mouldy and gibbs. plus if there's a big issue it could be interesting to hear all the persons involved in the situation, instead of paying attention to the first one who complains louder. because this person could be the real trouble maker, and not the victim. there's no kiddies on here as there used to be on sketchfu. therefore i think it is possible to take a little more care of people, instead of applying poor makeshifts.


I think the biggest problem is lack of communication. If some "disciplinary" action is taken, the person at the very least needs to know WHY.


Just as long as this thread doesn't turn into an argument about past transgressions. The main thing is how should we be treated when we are in the wrong especially when we don't want to see our opinions as being offensive.

I know that situations can be complicated and sometimes people will instigate things. But the main thing is what do people think is the best way to deal with this?

A warning about chat behavior or offensive drawings? Then muting for a week? or if it continues muting for a month? Then banning access to an account for a month if it continues?

I don't feel we should permanently ban people if they amend their behavior. But it takes more than one person to instigate.

If people don't realize that we are all people with feelings and boundaries sometimes the best thing is to move on instead of trying to defeat the person that you don't like because of what they said or how they draw. I know that there are all different things we are sensitive about.

I just don't think that attacking others in chat a good habit to promote.


I've had thoughts about how life for me would look like as a transgender living in Las Vegas. I don't know if I'm in the right thread, thanks anyway for taking your time to read this.

Mouldy Sponge:

Thank you for your valuable contribution to this discussion, Liar.

Shelly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ :

a reason and expected length of time would be helpful :(


A good expectation for redemption or warning ahead of time for the severity of being muted for potential rude and new users who like me, are caught up in coincidental drama.

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