Hello! Raykku's Back!!

Hello! Raykku's Back!!

Drawn by Kiikii.


Raykkus back! shes my first wolf character. in the first panel to the right shes saying "Im Back!" sorry i didn't added the text. In the second one to the left shes thinking while shes thinking of what she should do she notice Myst and runs up to him to give him a bear hug i guess. :D

Mysterious belongs to: http://www.sketchport.com/user/4584858563117056/mysteriousthewolf Raykku: me

© 2014 Kiikii. Licensed under CC-BY.

This is so adorable I love it :D —  mysteriousthewolf
@mysteriousthewolf I'm glad you love it. :) —  Kiikii
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