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Mood: Calm Drawn by: Mysterious Character: FlameClaw Owner of character: Misterious Photoshopped by: Not been photoshop hope if its ok Mist if i can use it if not i'll change it. :D

Hello, I'm new here so sorry if you don't like my art I'm a sonic and anime artist will I'm a basic. Still working on getting that syle. I'm Ariana but you can call me Aria,Kiikii,Kiikoi,Blue and Ms.H.F.T(means hugs fluffy tails} whichever floats your boat. I'm a nice person to talk with I will love to make new friends in this website. {is 15 years old so I didn't want a quensenegra(sorry if I spell it wrong) cuz one I'm a tomboy and the fluffly puffy dresses is not my thing.} When I swear I use this fudge,mother cloker,ship, or she's a beach dude, and my favorite one you peace of broken glass water tree!. And I'm weird,odd,strange,funny,loves color blue,is brony,likes yaoi the huggie-kissie-on-forehead-holding-hands type of yaoi. Please respect it uh and if you don't know what it is it's male x male. Think You - For reading with love and care Ariana So sorry i haven't draw here i'm having some problems and i feel really bad of how many times view me why you may ask? becauese when they click my page no drawings and i promise cross my heart when my computer is fix i will draw. one little thing about me i'm an artists that just keeps drawing i'm probably not the only one.

I forgot to tell you I finished your gift its on the very top left :3 —  mysteriousthewolf
your welcome and sure I can :D —  mysteriousthewolf
Thanks Aria but you are the nicest and most amazing artists in the world I can't tops that also you are so epic :D —  mysteriousthewolf
oh oops XD I'm glad you like —  mysteriousthewolf
Hey Ariana :3 —  mysteriousthewolf
How are you? :D —  mysteriousthewolf
I'm great :D —  mysteriousthewolf
mines February 29th 1996 —  mysteriousthewolf
its been good how about you? —  mysteriousthewolf
its okay I haven't replayed sooner ether I'm doing pretty good and I'm slowly getting the comic done how are is you? —  mysteriousthewolf
Dude I haven't even started on it DX I've been so busy I still need to finish the half story and characters designs it may take a year or 2 to get one page out haha so did you do anything for summer break? —  mysteriousthewolf
sorry about that and that's cool :D I hung out with my friends and family which was really nice —  mysteriousthewolf
Yeah sure I would love to and its fine you can use my picture :D —  mysteriousthewolf
sorry for not answering you sooner you can choose :D —  mysteriousthewolf
haha thanks I drew it awhile ago and never used the darn thing so I decided to use as my profile pic :3 I —  mysteriousthewolf
your turn :3 —  mysteriousthewolf
Comeback and draw more awesome things! —  LittleFawn
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