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Hey there I'm Mysterious but you can call me mystery/myst/Monsterious anything you want just not anything bad.

I started drawing digital art round 2010 and fell in love with it since then I started on a site called doink, it was fun at first but I kinda of got bored and using a mouse wasn't for me so I stopped for a bit, around then my mom told me about a thing called a tablet I wanted one the moment she told me about them. I went back on doink for a month or so I was looking at one of my friends profiles and I saw a link to a site called Sketchfu I clicked it and instantly I was drawing there every single day it was so fun but the site was shut down which was really sad. After a many years on sketchfu I've met many friends,I eventually got a tablet and I have a amazing program called paint tool sai [ I mainly draw on there] I'm still drawing everyday and soon I will draw here when I'm not busy.

I live it soooo much think you for drawing her Kiikii(Raykku) looks amazing. :D <3 \\hugs you and never let's go of you >\\u\\< Is it ok if it's not a bother cloud make mjne larger I want to put it as my new pro pic. :D if its ok with you. :) —  Kiikii
Vannah your like so nice! Your so epic! And an amazing artist! :D <3 —  Kiikii
No you and me are the most epic nicest artist of the word we should have a team name like Gavin and Micheal have "team nice dynamite". :3 bugs you awesome girl. :P —  Kiikii
Think you so much Myst your the best also that's not me. : This is: With the ( - ) bettween the Awesome and Blue. :D —  Kiikii
It's ok. :D —  Kiikii
Hello Vanna-San. :D —  Kiikii
I'm good and you. :D —  Kiikii
Yay hey what's your B-day? Mines January 2, 1999 —  Kiikii
Hey Myst how is your day? :D —  Kiikii
Sorry I haven't reply sooner Myst who you doing are you still working in you comic? :D —  Kiikii
I'm great how's the comic going? :D Can't wait to read it. :> —  Kiikii
Dude dont get so worked up about it take your time even if you take a year or to. Take your time buddy. :) Oh me just went to Doney Park I think that's who you spell it I might be wrong anyways and I'm going to the Philidalphia zoo and you? :D —  Kiikii
Nice. hey do you want to collab? i think we can do it the same here. :D —  Kiikii
Great so what do you want the poses to be and background? :D this will be so much such. :) —  Kiikii
Don't worry about it. :D —  Kiikii
Also your profile is soooo adorable your couple Red and Myst are so awwwww //feels —  Kiikii
OMG ITS YOU! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH :D I know we never talked much on sketchfu but I really enjoyed your art! —  Mtsa
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