that's My draw number 100 on SP :D

that's My draw number 100 on SP :D

Drawn by Vomika.


Glory to Ukraine !!! Glory to Heroes !!!

© 2014 Vomika. All rights reserved.

@Voivodian haha suree : )))))) i have already idea i will try relize it soon : ) —  Vomika
@Ana Thank you ! Спасибо Аня ))) —  Vomika
@\(✖╭╮✖)/ Thank you Laura , Good Luck to you in everything. Have happy life and keep have fun here and in chat too ; ) —  Vomika
@Voivodian AUSTRALIA !!!!!!!! @Ana GEORGIA !!!!!!!! :)))))) They are MY fave drawers , all other ppl , Everyone on this site also awesome drawing.Just those ppl supported me and saw and my best sides , BIGGEST THANKS TO THEM :) Voivodian and Ana supported Ukraine and our nation , if Shelly could to be there i could same wrote and for her too @Shelly USA !!!!!!!!!! Shelly please come back and ignore anybody they not deserve ur do so i understand u... —  Vomika
today 40 days going from mourning in UKRAINE , today i remind with all other our nation those ppl HEROES which gave the most big their treasure their life... GLORY TO HEROES THEY NOT DIE THEY WILL SO LONG TIME STILL ALIVE AS MUCH WE WILL REMEMBER THEM ! GLORY TO UKRAINEEE GLORY TO HEROESSS!!!! —  Vomika
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