Draw a Goblin challenge

Draw a Goblin challenge

Drawn by MUMON for the Draw a Goblin challenge challenge. Part of the album naw.


Hah, The goblin forgot he is a man

Imagine: Finding cosmetics and using them, forgetting you're a goblin that doesn't use them at all XD

© 2014 MUMON. Licensed under CC-BY.

Sleep deprived

He is a free goblin, in a free world! He can look pretty if he wants! —  Lazarus
Awesome! :D —  Luna Sea
haha, this is great :D —  Zakeena
@Lazarus Blake Indeed! He can be fabulous! —  MUMON
"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
Professor Farnsworth
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