For Aki

For Aki

Drawn by Aya Mulder. Part of the album Nature.


an early birthday gift for my beloved brother even if he's not here anymore ^^

© 2013 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY.

Autumn Tree Sky Clouds Leaves Cliff Nature Fall

@Fallen Angels .... Thank you ^^ —  Aya Mulder
dont u think the tree jus got a bit different??......but its awesome :)......u got a nice idea —  sweetrox
Thank you ^^@sweetrox1 btw what do u mean a bit different? I can't draw realistically and I don't draw using any reference^^ —  Aya Mulder
Lovely! —  Luna Sea
probably my most favorite season... but I like winter, too >.< and summer is when the ladies doth shed their attire. DECISIONS xd I love this drawing, though <3 —  Kevin
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